Before Starting And Ending Results!

Before beginning Day 1, I wanted to read The Fast Diet. I bought the Hard Copy, Just as I have the hard copy of The Done Deal. (As well as The Guide-17 Seconds to Wt.Loss)

As I began reading it, I thought to myself, this is IT. I can do this and keep doing it.
The Biggest changes I made were to stop eating after 5 pm or 6 pm or on some evenings it was 9pm. This all was dependent on how my days were going and what I was doing.

My intention was to not eat for 12-16 hours. This would ‘work’ well according to the book.

The Fast Diet book suggests 5 days of eating whatever you want and 2 days of fasting.
It also suggests due to the many wonderful testimonials, that you could change it to be however you wanted it. As the days went on, I designed it in a way that worked perfect for me!

I began trying to do it the primary way of the book, but found it was too hard on me mentally. And I’ve come to know that if it does not feel good, then I won’t do it, no matter what it is. So after various tries, I settled in on what worked best for me and here it is:

Eating only 500 Calories per day for 5 days, Each 500 Calorie Day equals a fast day.
Make sure I do not eat for 16 hours. A huge part of those hours are spent sleeping.
On the 6th day I called it my blow-out day. I ate as much and whatever I wanted.
In the beginning, On the 6th day, I stopped eating at 6 pm, then I moved it to 8 or 9pm.
Some days I went over the 500 calories, closer to 700-900. I used my best judgment.

I then started the 500 calorie fast day for 3 days, by eating around 10 am.
I did workout 3 days a week. 2 miles on the treadmill and some resistance training.
I have always done some type of physical workout, so this was not ‘new’.

Additionally, I also drank vinegar water each day, as outlined in Susan’s 17 Seconds to Wt.Loss Book. Other liquids were water, unsweetened ice tea w/lemon and an occasional Diet Coke.

I also kept a small notebook, jotting down what I had eaten and the calorie count. I also noted at the top of the page if it was a fast day or eat day, even tho I was doing 5 fast days, and then the 6th day was my blow-out day. 5 Days of 500+ calories and the 6th day, blowout was my program.

(One Further note:) Before I ran into The Fast Diet book, I had been writing; I Am a Size 9 and can eat whatever I want. As it has turned out, on my blow-out days, I do exactly that, while I am losing weight.

25-30 Pounds Down. Eating 700-900 Calories per day for 5 days, and then the 6th day was my Blowout Day. (During the 5 days, I went 16 hours between meals. Usually stopped eating by 10pm, and would hold off eating until 2pm the next day.)

There you have it, that is how I began and I am documenting some of the changes I made along the way, while keeping to the main program that I designed best for me.

Savannah Suede
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