Pounds Down by Savannah Suede w/Susan James (Introduction) 25#Down!

Savannah Suede

Savannah Suede

Pounds Down by Savannah Suede  w/ Susan James
(Weight Loss The Done Deal Weigh) 25#Down!

What This Blog Is About:
I wanted to drop some pounds within a short period of time.
I wanted to do it the easiest and most fun way. And I wanted to do it in a way that I would remain committed to it.  I’ve always been healthy and used my own judgment in ‘Pounds Down’. As always, if you have health considerations, please use your own wisdom as well, and check in with your physician, if it feels best for you.

I first began by using Susan James various methods, including The Sword of Three’s and her famous, I Am A Size 9. (This I learned from her book The Guide-17 Seconds to Wt.Loss.)

Simply by doing that a few days, I was led to a conversation with a friend, which mentioned a new book entitled: The Fast Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer.  (I knew to pay attention to this book title showing up as I knew I created it showing up in some way to help me.)

This blog is an ongoing update of my success and how I did it, how it worked, and how I felt as I did it.

I used a combination of 3 effective tools which made it all very easy.

-The Sword of Three’s: I Am A Size 9. (Discussed in The Guide: 17 Seconds to Weight Loss by Susan James)
-The Done Deal of The Size 9 Based on Susan James Latest book, The Done Deal.
The Fast Diet Book (by Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer)

Now..The Reason I had to lose some pounds in the first place, was due to my previous use of Susan James various methods, including The Done Deal. My life had gotten so much better, which meant my food choices were wonderful, and I enjoyed it all and still do.

However, in all of the new wonderful food choices, I put on some extra weight that I did not want. I did want to find the perfect combination of great fun foods, while also maintaining my Size 9, which I allowed to escape me for a while. The fun of it was beginning to turn into not so much fun as my pants got tighter!

This is what has now led me to putting it out for others to see and read.
I have asked Susan to assist me in this, as we will be making a book out of it at some point through her Vast Five Publishing Company; and she is very astute in using blogs. I did not want the learning curve of any of it, but instead would have Susan do it for me.

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Our Best to You and Your Success in Looking and Feeling Great!
Savannah Suede and Susan James
Books That Helped w/Pounds Down

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