Pounds Down Shopping List

Pounds Down Shopping List

This is the shopping list I came up with from the suggested foods in The Fast Diet book. I chose things that I knew I would enjoy. I’ve also added a few items to this list that help me with knowing what the calorie count is. There’s lots of choices in the book and some recipes, but these are the foods that I enjoy most.

Cherry Tomatoes (10 = 27 calories)
Tangerine (25 calories)
Strawberries (1 cup = 25 calories)
Steamed Broccoli
Salad Leaves
Pickles (Sweet Gherkins / No Sugar added) Label says 0 calories
Pickles (Bread and Butter / No Sugar added) Label says 0 calories
Eggs (90 cal each)
Beanee Weenee’s (1 sm can 290 cal)
Campbell’s Soup On The Go/Chicken & Stars (70 Calories)

South Beach Diet (Snack Bar) (100 Cal each)
Larabar (Mini Bars) (100 cal or less)
Emerald Natural Walnuts & Almonds ( 100 cal packs)
Planters Trail Mix (Daybreak Blend) (180 Cal)
Smart Ones (Microwave Meals) (250-290 Cal)

On my 500 Calorie Fast Days, the above items were what I stuck to.

As you will see as I move into the days, I started staying around 700-900 Calories, and I still ‘called’ them my ‘fast days’…
I would stop eating around 8-9pm and not eat again for 12-14 hours. Most of those fasting hours were spent sleeping. I really wanted to go the 14-16 hours if possible most days.

Books That Helped w/Pounds Down

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