Pounds Down Ebook Now LIVE!



Pounds Down (Weight Loss The Done Deal Weigh)
by Savannah Suede w/ Susan James

Pounds Down (the e-book) is now live and everywhere!

Pounds Down, documents the 86 days of ongoing success for
Savannah Suede, using various books and processes, along
with The Done Deal concepts presented by Susan James
along her road to easy weight loss.

This is both an easy read and simple way to follow for anyone
entertaining weight loss.

Pounds Down (Weight Loss The Done Deal Weigh)
Savannah Suede with Susan James. How Savannah Lost 25
Pounds in an easy way. Menus, Methods, Processes, Other
Books That Helped, Actual Food Log for The 25#Down.
43 pages

Brief On-Going Success Summary
Day 30  I Look GREAT!
Day 31  My Pants are Too Big!
Day 36  My Blue Pants are SOOO Big!
Day 45  I tried on the Jeans which were no where near me
getting on when I first started ‘this’  and I got them on!  This
gave me further incentive to keep going 40 more days.
Day 50  Noticed How Slim I Look! T-Shirts Hang Straight
Down, Love Handles Gone!
Day 72  Slender and Streamlined!
Day 75  Hair Dresser Commented without my prompting… ‘It
looks like you’ve lost 25 pounds or More!’
Day 82  Great day, went shopping for new stuff would not
take anything larger than a size 9-10 and my blue jean blazer
looks great and fit great!
Day 86 Done Deal! 25#Plus Down!

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